What Are Helical Piles/Piers?

As one of the most reliable ways of bracing a foundation, Helical Piles/Piers are heavy-duty anchors screwed into the walls and floor of your foundation. These large screws firmly hold your foundation in place and provide counter-pressure against the force put on your foundation by the surrounding soil.

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Why Does My Home Need Helical Piles/Piers?

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Most if not all homes will need the attention of a foundation repair specialist at one point because of two things: water and time. If a home is not protected against water in the foundation, that water will erode the soil keeping your home firmly in place. Once that soil erodes, your foundation will shift, leading to bowing walls and sinking floors. 

If caught soon enough, you can typically have a foundation waterproofing system installed. This drains the water around your home, preventing soil erosion and hydrostatic pressure (pressure from water against your foundation). However, if not caught in time, your home could need a much more substantial fix to push your home’s foundation back into place and hold it there. 

Helical Piles/Piers are the solutions to sinking and settling foundations. Think of them as giant screws placed into the floor (Piles) and walls (Piers) of your foundation that applies counter pressure pushing your foundation back into place and firmly holding it there. 

When installing Helical Piles/Piers, Complete Basement Solutions has the experience necessary to install these supports and keep your home stable for years to come. 

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